Joseph's Closet Ministries

With compassion, making a difference

What Others are Saying

"I never cease to be amazed at Joseph's skills and abilities...He is determined to serve his Lord by serving others."

Ron Boutwell, Executive Director, Stained Glass Theatre


"Joseph's dramatic portrayals and captivating writing style show a depth of spiritual insight that is truly refreshing...He skillfully blends light hearted humor with spiritual depth. As a playwright, dramatist, Bible teacher and author, Joseph has ministered to my heart." Jennifer Rothschild, Author


"...Dr. Ransom is a proven communicator. He very effectively gets his message to people because of the unique combination of motivation and inspiration experienced by his listeners...He is a gifted author, actor, preacher, speaker and teacher. I can recommend him without any reservations. Anyone who engages his services will be enthusiastic about the results." Dr. Paul Collins, ACTS Ministry


"On numerous occasions I have had the opportunity to observe Joseph's dramatic presentations. Each time, I feel as though I have been placed into a time machine and transported back to Biblical days...Having known Joseph for several years, I can attest not only to his talents and abilities, but also to the godly character he exhibits. He has a tremendous desire to serve God in all that he does..." Terry Maughon, Executive Director, Doe River Gorge Camp

About The Healing City

"As I was going to bed last night I thought I would read a few pages of your book...I set it down about 2 o'clock or so having read it from cover to cover!...You have a best seller on your hands!" Joe Walker, College Instructor

"An excellent story which reveals the unique experience when Christianity and the life of the cowboy become one." Purity Publications

"...In his book, Dr. Joseph reminds us that the cowboy spirit is alive and well. It is what is right in America. The characteristics of honesty, integrity and hard work are more than principles from the West--they are principles from the Word.

If Jesus had been born in a barn in Montana, His stories may have been of the Good Cowboy instead of the Good Shepherd. It's an interesting thought with similarities and great differences, as well: The Good Shepherd is entirely responsible for the flock. He is responsible for their care, their protection, their food and drink. In spite of His great responsibility, it is considered to be the lowliest of jobs..."

John Hill, Evangelist  (from his blog )       

About Joseph's Teaching

Mr. Ransom has often assisted me and my students in his position as substitute teacher at Ozark School District. His work with the gifted and talented students in 7-12 grades has been outstanding. He has also worked as a co-teacher with me for our junior high leadership class when he was a substitute for another teacher. He has been called upon often, and anytime I have to be away from my students, I request JOSEPH RANSOM because I know he will be very reliable and beneficial to my students.

When a substitute teacher is called, they sometimes have very little notice and then walk into a room not knowing the routine or the children. JOSEPH RANSOM is someone who easily adjusts to whatever situation he is given and then successfully manages the young and has become a real favorite among both faculty and students. He has been someone who can be depended upon to follow the lesson plans so that students do not get off track in their schedule. He also creates lesson plans when he is given a last minute situation, and has discussed his writing and work experiences with students. They find him so interesting, and are excited to tell me he was their substitute. This is not a usual situation for most students, and especially with  the challenging minds of gifted and talented students. 

not only have I had an excellent experience with having JOSEPH RANSOM as a teacher in our school, but I have gotten to know him as he always comes by6 to visit and has written notes throughout the years as well, so we have grown to share many common discussions. My husband is a pastor in an Ozark church, and so we have discussed common religious understandings. JOSEPH RANSOM has been a strong Christian witness of God's love whether he is interacting in a school setting or in our community.

It is with great confidence that I would recommend to you JOSEPH RANSOM. Please consider him favorably in any opening for which you may place him.
Freda Blevins,
Ozark School District.